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See patterns and catch problems early with beautiful dashboards. Get a big-picture view, or drill down with advanced filtering. For the first time ever, “shipping” and “sexy” belong in the same sentence.
Pull the data you need from dozens of templates, or customize new ones. Schedule alerts and recurring reports to land in your inbox whenever you want them. Data monkeys, meet your new jungle gym.
Reclaim up to 10% of your shipping spend with invoice and contract auditing. Our AI-powered recovery engine finds errors in your bills and request refunds, automatically. Disclaimer: may cause euphoria in CFOs.
Discover how your costs compare to thousands of other shippers. Save up to 40% as our experts fine-tune your carrier contracts and routing logic. Not recommended for people who hate money.
Carrier agnostic
View all of your shipping data from UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and other carriers in one centralized location. Never spend another minute mashing spreadsheets together in Excel. Unless you’re into that.
Give your whole team the gift of Galleon. Invite members, revoke access and save your custom settings anytime. Because, hey, everyone needs a little personal space.
Improve cash flow, radically simplify bookkeeping, and save even more money when you outsource your shipping A/P to Galleon. Save an accountant’s life today.
Pipe reliable post-shipment data directly into your own data warehouse. Join shipping data with other customer information in Looker, Tableau or your preferred BI tool. You’re welcome, nerd.
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“Galleon brings transparency to a space that's very the product.”
Richard Greiner
“Galleon transforms unusable data into refined insight, imperative for shaping the user experience.”
Julia Babina
Director of Operations
“The team really took the time to understand my business. They’re responsive, supportive, and smart.”
Charles Zhong
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