Shipping never looked so good.
Shipping is complex, but great visualizations makes seeing patterns simple. Predict trends, catch problems early, and make your presentations look great. Now with filtering, advanced search and unlimited custom graphics.
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Ops, finance, or customer service —
There's a dashboard for everyone.
Late to your board meeting? Not to worry. Dazzle your investors with exec-ready stats pulled from the overview section.
Service level summaries
Not all services are created equal. See your company’s unique breakdown of cost, volume and performance for each carrier and service you ship with.
What’s trending? Monitor shipping volume by service type, carrier, zone, or account number over time.
Don’t let costs sneak up on you. Get ahead of potential problems with clean cross-sections of your total costs, unit costs, and more.
Zone and weight
Crush it in the lanes that matter most. Learn how zone and weight distributions are affecting you in a matter of clicks.
Your customer experience is only as good as your latest shipment. Catch performance issues before you learn about them from upset customers.
Trying to pick a location for your next DC? Wondering why so many customers from Florida are writing in to complain? Wondering how much Alaska is costing you? Put your shipping data on the map.
Audit performance
Check out your windfall gains from Galleon’s audit. View and verify your invoice credits, and see which carriers and services are driving them.
And much, much more
On the go?
Take your data with you.
We know you can’t always be at your desk. That’s why Galleon is optimized for mobile phones and tablets, too.
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Useful alone
Better together.
Our tools play nicely together. Get answers faster when everything you need is in one place.
Get the 10,000 foot view. Seeing your data visualized lets you zero in quickly on areas that need attention.
Dive deep. Pull normalized cross-carrier data in analysis-ready formats that your local Excel jockey will love.
Put the rest on autopilot. When you’re not looking for trouble in your shipping data, Galleon’s AI-powered audit does it for you.
Data uptime guarantee
Depending on plan purchase
Your team is always on
So are we.
Our high-availability services are always on. You can count on Galleon to keep your data live, even when your carrier portals go down.
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