All the data you need, right at your fingertips.
Galleon comes ready with dozens of pre-built reports. Not finding what you need? Our team of data engineers is on call to build additional custom reports, on-demand.
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Building a data-driving supply chain?
Look no further.
Shipment details
Pull package-level data for your shipments across all of your carriers, instantly. Never touch a slow, clunky carrier web portal again.
See which surcharges and accessorials are costing you the most money, and find new opportunities to save.
View time-in-transit information across countries, states, and zip code prefixes. Want to know how many shipments are missing their deadlines? No longer a problem.
Unit costs
Manage unit costs across zones, service types, and weights over time. Instantly know which lanes are working and which ones are costing you.
Your volumes speak volumes about the health of your business. Pull aggregated volume data by zone, weight, service type, account number, and more.
Audit reports
Track refund credits that get applied to your carrier accounts over time. View refunds from both Galleon's audit, as well as your own internal audit operations.
Invoice summaries
Get the original, adjusted, and final costs for invoices across all of your carriers. Great for accounting teams.
Scheduled reports
Generate any of these reports either weekly or monthly, and have the results emailed to anyone on your team.
And much more
We're constantly adding more sophisticated reports. If there's something you'd like to see, just let us know and we'll get it added.
Use great data
Get great results.
Here are some examples of how high-performance shipping teams use Galleon reports.
Carrier communication
Seeing too many deliveries arriving late? Download a time-in-transit summary and fire it off to your rep for an explanation.
Customer service
Want to get ahead of customer complaints? Tee up a daily scheduled report to show you all late and almost-late shipments.
Finance team sick of manually entering invoice totals? Use an invoice summary CSV for a Quickbooks import instead.
Data uptime guarantee
Depending on plan purchase
Your team is always on
So are we.
Our high-availability services are always on. You can count on Galleon to keep your data live, even when your carrier portals go down.
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